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Modern-day vehicles are very complex. A transmission relies on information provided by various sensors. Failure of a sensor can cause a transmission to operate improperly, even though there is nothing wrong with the transmission itself. We can diagnose the problem for you. We have the latest equipment and scanning tools available to check and repair your vehicle.


Our technicians not only have years of hands-on experience, but they also attend several training seminars annually. The extensive training they receive allows them to stay on top of diagnosing and repairing today's transmissions. We not only work on automatic and standard transmissions, but we also install clutches, axles, mounts, and flywheels.


The best way to avoid transmission failure is through preventative maintenance. 


Hillsdale Transmission offers expert transmission repair on all vehicles, company trucks, family cars, SUVs, hot rods, classics, and customs. In addition to performing transmission repairs, we also install clutches, and axles, resurface flywheels, and rebuild differentials and transfer cases.


Hillsdale Transmission technicians have years of hands-on experience and utilize state-of-the-art equipment. Through ongoing training with the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association and the Automatic Transmission Service Group, we stay current with technology. Contact us to schedule an appointment, today.

Transmission repair
Differential repair
Transmission repair
Clutch repair
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